Bardo Methodology – Bardo Archivology Vol. 1


Name: Bardo Methodology
Title: Bardo Archivology Vol. 1
Type: A4 Magazine | 66 Pages
Catalogue: Vol. 1/strong>
Year: 2020
Origin: Sweden

Additional Notes: Bardo Methodology is a Black Metal Magazine from Sweden published in English.
Bardo Archivology is a periodical anthology with selected texts from the Bardo Methodology archives. The first volume contains fourteen timeless conversations held over the scope of thirteen years, presented in ambitious aesthetics with plenty of custom artwork.

Featuring: Irkallian Oracle, Aosoth, Nifelheim, Unpure, Morbid, Abigor, Numinous, Clandestine Blaze, Ride For Revenge, Akitsa, Malign, Nordvis, Armagedda, Ehlder, Deathspell Omega

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